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PR materijal 14.06.2007

Nigel Osborne, the eminent British composer whose work with children and young people is renown, has been running workshops at Kid's festival in Skenderija on the 12th July from 2 - 4 pm, the day the festival dedicated to children with special needs. Members of the Opera Circus company were joining him in using music to communicate, entertain, create humor and joy. Nigel and his team brought musical instruments including Bosnian percussion and create opportunities for everyone to sing and learn songs from all over the world. The children participated in workshop-performance, eyes wide open.

Led by Aidan Burke, there will be a second series of workshops by the Opera Circus ensemble today, 13th June. A mixture of instruments and voices, with song and dance. Both workshops are open to children with special needs and young people of all ages.

After the workshop, Nigel Osborne and his team, went to discover the main program of Kid's festival and were deeply impressed by the crowd of over 5,000 children, all singing together with ALMA CARDZIC. Osborne was deeply touched when he heard the announcements of over 30 different cites and villages from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina in the huge movie hall, Mirza Delilbasic: the children groups were cheered one by one, which meant a lot to each of them. After the show, he joined Sean Rooney, the Canadian balloon artist who prepared a little surprise show for Osborn and his team, before they spontaneously engaged a philosophical exchange about art, music and the ways to convey the message of peace to the hearts of the children. Osborne congratulated the director of Kid's festival, Susanne Prahl Landzo impressed by the size and the high standards of the festival. We will certainly have the honor to see Osborne at Kid's festival in the next years.

background information: Nigel Osborne's new chamber opera "Differences in Demolition - A Sevdah Opera" plays in BiH as follows: 16, 17 June, National Theatre, Sarajevo, 20, 21 June, National Theatre in Tuzla, 25, 26 June, National Theatre in Banja Luka, 29, 30 June, National Theatre in Zenica.

Nigel Osborne has worked with children and young people for many years, both during and after the war. Most recently he has run workshops in Palestine and Africa. Every year he takes around 40 children from a special needs school in Mostar to a summer camp where the children take part in workshops with music as well as having a holiday. For several years this has been held off the island of Brijuni on the Istrian coast of Croatia and last year in the Foundation for Peace run by Jean Claude Carreau. Opera Circus company will be running an educational and training programme (seminars on the creative arts production skills, on stage craft and lighting techniques, film and photography) with the Academies of most of the cities they are visiting this summer: Mostar, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka, with youth groups, special needs and experimental schools. In conjunction with Musicians without Borders and other Bosnian partners, Opera Circus company members will be working for a week with the community in Srebrenica from 1st - 6th July.

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