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  • Kid’s festival je najveći nezavisni događaj za mlade u jugoistočnoj Evropi.
    Od 2004.godine, preko 40,000 djece iz svih dijelova Bosne i Hercegovine učestvuju svake godine. Raznovrsni program kombinuje radionice, štan- dove, zabavu, filmove, predstave i edukaciju...
    Moto : “Svi različiti – svi jednaki”.


  • Svi zajedno jedan dan na jednom mjestu
    Od 2017. godine svih djece koju okupljamo iz svih dijelova BiH bit će ujedinjen na jedan dan. U sklopu tendencija podvođenja naših međunarodnih događaja pod jedan koncept KidsFest Sarajevo postaje jednodnevni događaj s pet intergralnih dijelova, koji su njegovo glavno obilježje.
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1 - the 11th Kid's festival will take place in the dates as planned 6th-10th June

2 - Kid's festival 2014 will serve as communication platform for SOLIDARITY (focussed on children)  and various  fundraising initiatives. E.g. KidsFest will print thousands of stickers - as the one attached - and offer to each person making a donation - regardless how tiny. In this way we promote solidarity very visibly at the festival and beyond (stickers go directly on T-shirt).

3 - KidsFest spreads a a spark  of hope to the most fragile group of population in a desperate situation and offers children psychological relief from overall challenges. We fear that despair will effect them more deeply and in long-term be more damaging then the actual physical short-comings of the moment. KidsFest therefore offers a space of "normality" and happiness to contribute to ease the fears and vision that "everything is doomed". (I face many children's requests of fear that Kid's festival might be annulled: We must reinsure all of them that THEIR festival = their normal life goes on.) In a country facing a humanitarian catastrophe people need encouragement, children first.

4 - EMERGENCY RELIEF - SUNDAY: KidsFest Team organizes a trip to area from which we have thousands of children in all these years: Maglaj/ Bijelina. All sponsors support our "symbolic" action. You are invited to join. You can deliver goods (pls refer to published priority lists, no old wardrobe, no food that can be spoiled) to our HQ Zetra Office and Ms. Elma Krantić, email:

5 - We try to convince bus companies to support our action to bus in as many children from disaster areas as possible. If you know people that can help, please spread the word. Call for support was published and will in all KidsFest advertising.

6 - By common decision of ALL partners, sponsors, police of BiH, schools, groups already registered we decided to proceed with the festival in the planned dates and location. Also, City Council of Banja Luka confirmed that KidsFest is maintained - dates still open

7 - At the moment as I am writing this, 2 busses from Velika Kladusa confirmed their attendance. Children groups / schools call the Kids festival offices constantly !

8 - The Press conference will give more in depth details and the date will be communicated soon.

9 - You might wish to re-think your input in TV Hayat Kids Flash in the sense of call for solidarity as much as your activity at Kidsfest.

T: +387 61 864 707
F: +387 33 534 045

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