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  • Président Ramzi Labidi
    P: +216 26 444 411
  • Chef de Projet KidsFest Sofienne Zrelli
    P: +216 22 683 599
  • Fondatrice KidsFest Tunis Susanne Prahl
    P: +216 29 195 219 (Tunis)
    P: +387 61 488 918 (BiH)
  • Address: 04 Rue de Russie, 2ème Etage
    1000 Tunis, Tunisie
  • Phone: T.    +216 71 320 179
    F.    +216 71 321 179
  • Web:
  • MF: 000 NP 1301150 W
    N° Enregistrement : 3865

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KidsFest Tunis Octobre 2014

The Concept of KIdsFest Tunis is based on the successful model of Kid's Festival in Sarajevo, the largest independent youth event in in Balkans. The first edition of KidsFest Tunis is planned in October 2014 with the support of the Tunisian Institutions, the civil society, NGOs, Clubs and the international community to open a window to the world and enhance the cosmopolite dimension of the KidsFest Tunis: Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands and the EU have confirmed their participation others are in negotiation. The One-Day Concept foresees three segments: first, as a start-off, a colorful Kid’s Parade of the future through the city Centre of Tunis...

... where children wear costumes representing them as adults (An activity in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the schools). The Parade is followed by the main part of KidsFest in one of the nicest and safest Parks in the Centre of Tunis (Park du Passage). This interactive “Cultural Buffet” composed of a variety of program inputs by local and international partners, offers different activities for and with children: The conjunction of education and entertainment, animation, workshops, booths, performances. The festival ends with the third segment, KidsCiné, an Open-Air Movie Projection, open to the large public.
KidsFest Tunis is a showroom, it exposes children to different cultures beyond the boundaries of their country, opening their horizon to appreciate diversity and the virtues of multicultural societies such as the European ones. Europe is close, an attractive place offering a large potential of exchange and professional opportunities. For children feeling “at home” in different cultures, as citizens of the world, opens them multiple options in life. A collective memory of a new generation carrying a message of friendship. KidsFest brings children's rights to public attention. The Kids Parade of the future is a concrete vision of the future with children wearing costumes they made themselves, representing them how they see themselves at adult age. This initiative offers a large input to schools, creativity, civic education, and the importance of education: each class becomes a unity, each school a representative showroom by its classes, beyond that the notion of “neighborhood”, City, State. The individual child who has created his personal vision of his future with his costume, sees hundreds, thousands of different children - all different, all equal - in an organized society represented by layers (class-school-city-country). Beyond that, the international community widens the vision to a global, open world.
After the Arab springs, Tunisian society changes profoundly and at rapid pace. Tunisia has a great potential of development being at the hinge of the Northern Africa and Europe. The KidsFest Tunis is a symbol for modern democratic Tunisia heading towards a better future, promoting tolerance, education and secularism. All “players” marching together, giving special focus to those mainly in charge with children: the women. Participants develop a wider understanding of the unique opportunity they can contribute to their country, close to Europe’s open High-Tech world of science, knowledge and educated society at the Northern shore of the Mediterranean. KidsFest is a large platform of synergy & exchange. For young people, women, teachers… An annual event, anchored in the calendar, becoming a tradition everyone is looking forward to. The size, not the duration, is a key factor to produce a significant positive outreach beyond the borders of Tunisia. KidsFest is more than entertainment… It is a vision, it is the voice of the children, it offers them the public platform. The KidsFest Tunis is meant to widen and initiate similar events throughout Tunisia and the region. The long-term strategy is not to create one MEGA-Event, but an increasing number of KidsFest siblings on the same concept - all independent, all connected - a new network of youth and synergy.

SHORT INFO: Kid's Festival BiH

KID’S FESTIVAL BOSNIA ( is the largest independent youth event in South East Europe taking place every year in Sarajevo at the beginning of the summer vacation. Kid's Festival was started in 2004 to address the root causes of ethnic division by bringing tens of thousands of children from all parts of the country together. They develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures and of the unique opportunity they can contribute to the future. Kid's festival is providing the necessary interactive platform of exchange. Nearly 100 activities combine entertainment and education: movies, workshops, booths, performances provide a huge cultural buffet for kids. Interactivity involves the children in the creative progression of Kid's Festival. Since more than a decade 40,000 children from all over Bosnia & Herzegovina spend "the best day of their life” mingling with their peers from different origins and religions at Kid's Festival. The size and the incredible positive atmosphere reigning at Kid's Festival have a strong impact on all visitors. Children travel back home with unforgettable beautiful memories to share with others. The bright images of Kid's festival invade all BiH media every year. Kid's Festival is a true Lighthouse-event that has become the leading youth happening of the region.

ViaKult Office - New Horizons: Kids Festival International Development - Tunis

The concept of Kid's Festival is a global one: it is a model project that can be adapted to any country in the world. International development is one major aspect of our association for the next decade: spread the successful concept of Kid’s festival Bosnia over the globe. We had initiatives in Kosovo (supported by the EU), in Macedonia, in Belgrade, Sudan and even Afghanistan. TUNIS: In autumn 2013, the Italian Embassy in Tunisia invited Kid's festival for a study visit of feasibility of a KidsFest in Tunis. The Italian Ambassador de Cardona took this initiative being convinced that KidsFest Tunis might be as useful and as successful as in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project idea was extremely well received and welcomed with enthusiasm by the Tunisian Authorities, like the Ministry of Education, the schools, the civil society, NGOs, and the international community. Italy, France, Germany and the EU were the first to “adopt” this project, others follow. The promotion of children's rights with UNICEF is in discussion. The feed-back is overwhelmingly positive from all sides, the first edition of KidsFest Tunis is planned for October 2014. KidsFest TUNIS will start with a modest number of participants, a few thousands, not tens of thousands, and will develop into a model project for Tunisia, creating other similar initiatives in different places. We intend to be working with the European Union in Tunisia on the same model as our fruitful cooperation in Sarajevo.